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Postmile Query Tool

Custom ArcGIS ArcMap Application

The custom postmile query tool is a button which can be placed on an existing toolbar within ArcGIS ArcMap. The button launches a form that allows the user to select and zoom to polygons on a certain route (highway) and between certain postmiles. Features are selected based on attributes in an access database associated with a shapefile. The attributes specified are the county, route, a postmile “from” distance, a postmile “to” distance, and whether they are “In Row?” or not. The user selects features by selecting a value for each attribute on the form from a pull-down menu. In addition, the postmile “from” and “to” attributes provide the option for the user to type in a value directly. The Postmile Query tool was developed for Caltrans through a subcontract with PanGIS,Inc. in Carlsbad, CA.

Postmile Query Form