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Joint Strike Fighter Urban Close Air Support Database

3D Visual Simulation Database

The Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) UCAS visual simulation database is a set of high resolution (~1 meter) maps and image data for use in 3D visualization and flight simulation. The UCAS database covers an area of approximately 30.8 km in x by 32.5 km in y centered on the town of Timisoara in western Romania. The UCAS database consists of maps defining the vegetation and land cover, an elevation map and a true color image. The database was developed from a 1 meter mosaic of IKONOS imagery and a 3 meter Digital Elevation Model (DEM). The vegetation and land cover maps were developed from the IKONOS imagery using a combination of traditional image classification and non-traditional mapping techniques. The elevation map was created by removing seamlines from the source DEM and interpolating from the 3 meter resolution to the 1 meter resolution of the imagery and database maps. The true color image was developed from the IKONOS mosaic by scaling the imagery to visibly match a pre-existing background image. The UCAS visual simulation database was developed for the Joint Strike Fighter Program Office through a subcontract with Surface Optics Corporation in San Diego, CA.